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Cartridge World and our partners have recently discovered that Hewlett Packard™ Inkjet Printers, manufactured during 2016 to date, that use the below listed inkjet cartridges are rejecting aftermarket cartridges. From what we understand at this early stage, the printers were programed at the factory with a protocol that, when released, rejects all aftermarket cartridges resulting you being FORCED to only purchase the expensive original printer manufacturers cartridges.

Cartridge Models Affected
  • HP 902/902XL Black
  • HP 902/902XL Cyan
  • HP 902/902XL Magenta
  • HP 902/902XL Yellow
  • HP 952/952XL Black
  • HP 952/952XL Cyan
  • HP 952/952XL Magenta
  • HP 952/952XL Yellow
  • HP 972A/972X Black
  • HP 972A/972X Cyan
  • HP 972A/972X Magenta
  • HP 972A/972X Yellow
  • HP 981A/981X Black
  • HP 981A/981X Cyan
  • HP 981A/981X Magenta
  • HP 981A/981X Yellow

Imagine purchasing a new car with a full tank of gas and when its time to refill it with gas the engine shuts off and will not start because you purchased you gas from someone other than the car manufacturer or the car, scary eh?Well that is exactly what your printer has done or is about do at any second and is currently happening across the entire country.

The Fix

First, turn off automatic updates on your HP printer immediately. Below is a link to a document on how to do this with an HP 8710 printer. Your printer menus may vary slightly, but the basic idea is the same.

Turn Off Auto Updates

Alternatively you may also watch this video walking through the same process on YouTube (note, to use the link below you may have to RIGHT click and select OPEN IN NEW TAB" or scroll to the bottom of the page for an embedded video):

If you find that you had automatic updates turned on or if you confirmed on the printer control panel to update recently, then your printer is already updated and there is currently no official way to roll it back. If your printer is already updated, the Cartridge World cartridges currently installed will work normally through the end of their life. Any new cartridges without an updated chip installed after the update may give you an error.

Unfortunately, the only other resolution to the firmware block is for us to replace the communication chip that is attached to the cartridge which means manufacturing a new cartridge. We are informed by our technical team that they have completed the workaround and are currently in production. Once the production run is complete, product will immediately be sent to distribution centers nationwide and will soon be with your local Cartridge World stores who will contact you when they arrive.

As valued customers of Cartridge World products & services we truly are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

My Best

Mark Pinner CEO – Cartridge World North America

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