Reasons Your Office Should Consider a Copier Upgrade this Year

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Printer Upgrade Image Cartridge World


Printer Upgrade Image Cartridge World

Despite the fact that paper is being replaced by technology, your printers are still crucial office equipment. It goes through a lot, whether utilized by a small team or the whole floor of employees.

The overextended copier will have a similar breakdown as an overworked individual would. And, as you are aware, when it breaks down, not only will your staff be affected, but so will your company. If you’re sick of having your copier fixed all the time, it’s probably time to invest in a new one.

Copiers Have Come a Long Way

If you haven’t upgraded your copier in a long time, you may be shocked by how much they’ve changed. There have been numerous modifications to the typical office copier that can assist you with basic duties.

However, you don’t have to buy the model with all the bells and whistles; instead, purchase just what you require. As an example, look at the following.


Today’s copiers are considerably more efficient than their predecessors. Newer copiers use less toner and make better use of it. While your old printer was putting every ounce of its effort into producing copies, the quality of the printed material was frequently worse than satisfactory. 


Even if your last copier upgrade was just a few years ago, most multifunction devices from then do not have the security features of current models. You may be relieved that it can scan, fax, and act as a document management solution, but you should be concerned about hackers gaining access to your data because of these capabilities.

Even a modest cyberattack can have major and costly consequences, especially if the data includes sensitive information such as a unique product or confidential patient/customer information. Copiers today, on the other hand, can prevent data changes, data leaks, and costly denial of service ransom encryption. This alone should be enough to encourage you to upgrade your copier. Even if you aren’t quite sold on it, there’s no sense in avoiding looking.

If you’re considering upgrading your Rhode Island or Massachusetts Area business’s copiers, contact Cartridge World to speak with one of our hardware specialists.